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All instructors are native Spanish speakers. Their lessons distinguish between the cultures of the different Spanish-speaking countries.

We pay a lot of attention to the relationship between our students and their professors. Throughout life, learning is based on relationships: our parents, our teachers, and so on. In the ancient world, the relationship between the apprentice and the master was a fundamental part of learning. We believe that if the relationship is not strong, then the learning process can be very long and the training can fail. Learning a second language requires a professional, confident, long-term relationship between the student and the professor. We do not change professors week by week or month by month. Our professors are committed to stand by their students from the most difficult moments through the best and funniest times.

We provide the necessary tools for students who need to travel, work, or live in Latin America or Spain. We also offer instruction to those who want to be involved in the Latino community here in the United States. We have courses for all levels and ages, from children to senior citizens. Our instructors hold college degrees and are certified to teach. They have experience teaching to primary school children as well as adults.
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