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Spanish Crash Course for Travelers

  • Spanish Crash Course for Travelers. Starting Next Week. At Brentwood.
  • Spanish Crash Course for Travelers
  • Duration: 7 weeks (14 classes)
  • Begins: Week of April 23, 2018
  • Location: North Brentwood Neighborhood, Austin, TX

Learn the basic vocabulary to travel. Practice getting to and around the airport, checking in a hotel, ordering in a restaurant, and asking directions in the street “Don’t be lost!”

Goal: Through this course the participant will be able to grasp the flavor not only of the language, but also of our culture. Through formal instruction, lab, role-plays and conversation, participants will successfully improve their level of competency in the communication skills of listening, speaking and reading. The class is more than FUN!

If you want to learn more about the syllabus, or specific questions do not hesitates to contact Andrea Linse:

In my experience students that invest time in the class enjoyed their trips more, and they were able to create stronger connections with local people and enjoy every situation much more.

Only 15 spaces open. Contact us for the schedule of classes.

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SpanishDC, LLC, a woman-owned small business, was founded in the spirit of teaching Spanish as a second language quickly, with new and creative techniques, and in an atmosphere that lends itself to the best possible learning experience. Our clients are professionals who find themselves in the midst of a new bilingual society.

Some of our clients have taken our courses to prepare themselves for work in Latin American countries. Others are now living overseas. Their experiences offer encouragement to others who are considering beginning the process of learning a second language. Ask for our list of references, by profession or agency:
  • Department of Justice
  • George Washington University, Jacob Burns Legal Clinic
  • National Public Radio
  • Goodwin Procter, LLP
  • Alston & Bird, LLP
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Organization of American States
  • Embassy of Iceland
  • Embassy of Suriname
  • National and International Press and TV Agencies
We understand that learning a second language is not easy. We have taught many students who had tried courses and programs that sought to teach Spanish in a couple of weeks. We believe that the learning of a second language is a process. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and taking the time to immerse oneself in this process is just as important as having the right instructor.

Our motto is "Spanish is fun." We strive to make language training enjoyable. That doesn’t mean that the students are going to squander their time. It does mean that the professors and students will go beyond the basic texts and lessons, discussing their lives and topics they enjoy talking about. Spanish is fun because we know the most efficient route to take to reach the students’ linguistic goals. We teach everything from grammatical structure to vocabulary. By creating interesting activities that employ all grammatical structures, maintaining a working knowledge of Spanish becomes a fun journey. Our students enjoy the lessons, and they learn the language quickly.

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