Language starts to develop at very early age.  An infant has the ability to absorb knowledge even when the structures of the language are not visible.  Many pedagogies have demonstrated the ‘absorbing power of the small mind’ and the strong early relationship in the development of language, cognition and emotional stages. 

We found in our experience that the more early children are exposed to the new language the more easily they learn it.  The pronunciation is natural for them while adults have to fight with accents. But the key to learn a second (or the 3rd language) for children is PLAY.

Our classes are created in a learning environment accurate for the needs of early childhood and later for all ages in the development process.

We introduce the language through music, sensorial imagines and play time.  The first steps for children in a new world of a second language is very important and has to be a fun and productive time. Movement, rhythms and rhymes are a great mix for our menu.

Even though the famous motto for learning languages “The early, the better” doesn’t apply as much older children, it is good for you to know that each age brings great possibilities to learn.  But all of them share the principle “to keep the interest of the child”.  Children are explorers and for that reason, our classes are tailored according to the interests of each age.

Mommies or daddies or nannies are more than welcome!

It is important that parents or caregivers enjoy as well the class.  Children that share the class with their parents or nannies have a 90% learning guarantee. Why? Parents excited to learn the new language will transmit this feeling to the kids, but also will stimulate them to repeat activities and songs at home. If the kids learn in this atmosphere, the learning will be faster, stronger, and more fun.

Guess who is coming to class:

  1. BulletChildren whose parents want them to learn languages.

  2. BulletChildren enrolled in Bilingual programs in public schools, whose parents want them to learn the basic before the school year starts. This ‘preparatory’ time is very important for the emotional security that the children need to confront the full day in a second language. Our class will give the kids confidence to overcome the initial insecurity.

  3. BulletChildren with a Spanish background that need to play in Spanish because they speak only a little Spanish at home.


Sorry, but

we’re not teaching classes at this time (2018).

Check back for an exciting new project for children!